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The CCEIC is committed to maintaining a high quality customer service at all times. The centre’s research laboratory is well equipped with latest modern equipment. Some of the sophisticated facilities available are as follows:

High pressure, high temperature SS316L Autoclaves

Comprehensive suite of equipment for corrosion inhibitor research and materials performance under aggressive conditions

  • Wheel oven for inhibitor research
  • High pressure/high temperature pipe autoclaves (SS 316, Hastelloy C276) and Roto-clave oven
  • High pressure/high temperature Parr autoclaves (SS 316, Hastelloy C276)
  • High pressure/high temperature jet impingement cells (SS316 & Hastelloy C276) for high pressure and temperature work
  • Hydrogen sulphide corrosion laboratory (in development)
corrosion testing
Crevice corrosion testing of corrosion resistant alloys in simulated mine process conditions

A wide range of electrochemical equipment dedicated to corrosion research and testing

  • Computer controlled potentiostats and impedance analysers: Gammy, ACM Instruments, Solatron, Princeton Applied Research, Biologic VPM
  • Pine rotators for Rotating Cylinder Electrode electrochemistry
  • Digital hotplates
  • Electrochemical test cells

Coatings research equipment

  • Thickness gauges
  • Hardness meters
  • Indentation devices
  • Holiday detectors (HV and LV)
  • Climatic chambers

Metallurgical analysis equipment

  • Mechanical testing equipment (tensile and 3/4 point bending)
  • Optical 3D – light microscope (infinite focus)
  • Polishing and sample cutting equipment

The CCEIC’s research facilities are further enhanced with an access to high-tech modern equipment such as atomic force microscopy, atomic absorption, differential scanning calorimeters and GC and HPLC from the Department of Chemistry. The centre also has electron microscopes (SEM-EDS & FIBSEM), XRD and XRF spectrophotometers and mass spectrophotometers available for research projects. The support for computational modelling, as well as access to state of the art mechanical workshops and sample preparation, is provided by the School of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering.