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Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) testing capabilities

Assessment of insulation properties relevant to CUI

Test nameTest descriptionRelevant standard
%Water uptakeDetermination of water retention property of a thermal insulation (fibrous type)ASTM C1511 - 15
Moisture contentDetermination of the moisture content within organic and inorganic insulation materialsASTM C1616 - 07
Leachable ionsChemical analysis of the leachable ions (chloride, fluoride, silicate, and sodium ions) from thermal insulation.ASTM C871 - 11

Corrosion under insulation test

CUI can be simulated using the test rig and environmental chamber in the controlled environment. CUI rate will be assessed by weight loss technique. More importantly as it has been shown previously that CUI is localized in nature, the severity of localized corrosion will be evaluated utilizing a 3D profilometer. In-situ insulation dry-out time will be monitored using electrochemical measurement and will be correlated with the CUI rate.

The areas of testing include evaluation of the insulation material, determining the CUI risk based on different environmental, operating conditions and material.