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Top of Line Corrosion (TOL) test facilities

The apparatus, shown in Figure1, is designed to promote water condensation at a carbon steel surface simulating top of the line corrosion. It consists of a two litre 316L stainless steel (SS) autoclave filled with 750 mL of test solution. A carbon steel tube (ASTM A-179, 2005) ¼” OD cut to 13 cm is bent into a U-tube configuration. If required, other grade of steel can be used for the testing.

The setup is capable of performing corrosion study in a wide range of conditions including at high temperature and high pressure.

Test tube setup
Figure 1: Schematic diagram and photograph of horizontal cooled tube test setup. To evaluate the performance of a volatile corrosion inhibitors, the bottom cup is filled with 100 mL of test solution containing the inhibitor.