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Under Deposit Corrosion (UDC) test facilities

CCEIC has developed a test methodology that allows for assessment of both general and localized corrosion processes through electrochemical and weight loss measurements. Furthermore, the susceptibility of deposited steels to localized corrosion can be assessed through accelerated electrochemical tests and post-immersion surface analysis.

This methodology has been applied in research projects for numerous industries, including oil and gas and mining. The type of deposit can include mineral deposits (sand, calcite, alumina), coatings, biofilms and/or field deposits collected from industry operations (e.g. sludge, mixed mineral and oil deposits, etc.).

Our facilities include test reactors for electrochemical and weight loss UDC measurements, methodology for evaluation of inhibitor loss due to adsorption to deposit and instruments for post-immersion analysis, such as 3D profilometry for assessment of localized corrosion.