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Graduate Certificate/Diploma

CCEIC offers exciting career opportunities for engineers, scientists and researchers. The Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in corrosion engineering are the first in a series of postgraduate courses Curtin University offers to meet the growing industry demands for qualified corrosion engineers and researchers in this field. These courses are also a part of the sponsorship agreement for the Chevron-Woodside Chair in CCEIC.

Both postgraduate courses for Corrosion Engineering are online. The Graduate Certificate is equivalent of six months full time study and the Graduate Diploma is equivalent of one year’s full time study. If you have an undergraduate degree in engineering or applied science then this gives you an opportunity to break into the market and fast track your career in a broad spectrum of industries. These courses are tailored to industry requirements, especially the energy and resource industries. They can be undertaken while working, as there are no requirements to attend classes at Curtin. The courses commence in either February or July and allow students to access course materials and submit assignments from anywhere in the world.

Master of Science (Corrosion Engineering)

A master degree in corrosion engineering diversifies your skill set and enhances your employment opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries. You will learn the fundamentals of corrosion from a materials perspective and electrochemistry, and then apply those understandings to practical examples in complex corrosive environments to select appropriate prevention strategies.

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